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Go from PR novice to PR maestro even if you lack time, money or confidence.


Hey solopreneur, welcome to my campfire!

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Why you need this course

You know you’re good at what you do, but you don’t know how to let people know about you. Right? You might be trying social media, blogs, newsletters or a bunch of other things but you seem to be talking to the same people over and over again. To grow, you need to reach new people. But advertising is expensive!

What you need is publicity.


You need to get your story published in the media that your ideal clients are reading, watching or listening to without having to pay for it. You need to be positioned as THE expert in your space so that people want to work with you or buy your stuff. And so that you can command higher prices.

But how the heck do you do that?


That’s where I come in.

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I’m Melissa Talago, chief firestarter at Campfire Communications. I’ve spent 20 years working in PR in South Africa, the USA and the UK on global brands and with tiny start ups. Each time I moved, I had to start from scratch finding press contacts and building relationships.  I began to realise how this same process can be simplified to a few replicable steps that anyone can follow and get PR results, all without spending hours of their time doing it.

Yes – I mean you!


You may think that you’re not big enough to be taken seriously, or that you have no interesting stories or that you’re just not confident enough to do this or that you have no time.

  • But what if I could teach you how to get super focused so that you only target the publications that are going to make a difference to your business?
  • And what if I could show you just how many juicy stories you actually have?
  • And what if I could teach you how to tell those stories in a way that journalists will want to share them with their readers, viewers or listeners?
  • And what if that publicity could spread the word about your business to a far broader audience, which in turn could lead to greater sales?


Because that’s exactly what this course does.

I have taken all of my PR knowledge and experience and condensed it into just six modules that will take you from a complete PR newbie to contacting a journalist with your story.

PLUS you get 3 bonus modules to ensure you nail interviews, maximise your publicity and create a PR plan you can roll out on an ongoing basis.

This course will:

  • Get you your first piece of publicity (and plenty more thereafter)
  • Help you reach more of your ideal clients without paying for it
  • Position you as an expert
  • Build your credibility
  • Boost your confidence & take away fears 
  • Open your eyes to every day publicity opportunities you are currently missing
  • Bring you new leads and sales
  • Give you a life skill that you can use forever
  • Give you a plan of action to make PR an ongoing part of your marketing mix
  • Build your brand story with a more integrated approach to all your content marketing 

thoughtbubbleImagine it.

Your business in a national newspaper or glossy magazine, your local press or trade titles, online sites and blogs, radio or even TV. All without paying for any of it. Pretty nice huh?

Now imagine you repurposing that press coverage to use across all your other marketing.  Imagine people calling you saying, ‘I saw your business on xyz and I want to find out more’. Or perhaps they’ll be saying, ‘You seem to be EVERYWHERE these days.’

That is what PR is. A gradual sense that you are someone worth noticing, a business worth seeking out, a brand they can trust.

And now you can do this for yourself.


Why a campfire?

A campfire is a warm, friendly place to share stories with a close group of friends. We use the idea of a campfire to help tell your business story and news to a targeted group of journalists, who share it with their readers or listeners. When you think of it this way, it’s a far more fun.


THE VIEW: Mindset, vision & goals

The best campfires have amazing views, you can see the big picture, the entire landscape and have sense of purpose. This module does exactly that.  By the end of this module, you’ll have a vision, goals and released any fears.

It covers:

  • Why PR is important
  • What is PR
  • Mindset & overcoming fears
  • Vision and goal setting

It includes:

  • A vision & goal setting exercise
  • A confidence building exercise (and the start of your story development)
  • An audio guided visualisation to release any lingering fears or anxiety
GROUNDWORK: Marketing fundamentals & messages

Before you can build a fire, you need to do the groundwork. In this module we do exactly that. By the end of this module you’ll have a set of PR messages and greater clarity on who you’re trying to reach.

It covers:

  • PR messages
  • The difference between messages & stories
  • Four marketing fundamentals you need to get clear on

It includes:

  • The Marketing Power Punch exercise
TRIBAL GATHERING: Finding press contacts to reach your ideal clients

To share stories around a campfire, you need a tribe of people.  By the end of this module, you’ll have a shortlist of press contacts to reach your tribe.

It covers:

  • The media landscape
  • Types of media
  • Creating a media pyramid
  • Understanding who does what
  • How to find press contacts
  • Creating a short list

It includes:

  • A who’s who cheat sheet
  • A press list spreadsheet template
  • The media pyramid exercise
  • A guide to find your press contacts
STORYTELLING: How to think like a journalist

Probably the biggest, juiciest and most eye opening module of this course, here you will learn how to find, create and tell a good story that journalists want to hear. You’ll learn to think like a journalist – and once you do that, you’ll see things completely differently! By the end of it, you’ll have a glut of story ideas. Now you just have to choose one!

It covers:

  • The number one lesson to take away
  • What makes something newsworthy
  • What stories you have
  • Ways to create news
  • How to find press opportunities

It includes:

  • Story development exercises
  • How to get publicity with Twitter guide
TOOL KIT: All the tools you need to do PR

Like logs, kindling and matches, you’re going to need some basic tools to get this PR fire going. This is a super practical module which ends with you writing your press release, pitch or article.

It covers:

  • Press releases
  • Pitches
  • Articles
  • Reviews & Competitions
  • Media kits

It includes:

  • A press release template
  • A sample press release
  • A pitch template – just insert your words
  • Your assignment
STRIKE THE MATCH: Practicalities of working with the press & doing it!

It’s almost time for ignition. In this module we cover tips for working with the media, with loads of practical insights. By the end of the module, you will send out your press release, pitch or article to your chosen member of the press. Exciting!!!

It covers:

  • Building relationships
  • Practicalities & etiquette
  • Deadlines
  • Bloggers
  • Wire Services

It includes:

  • Working with the media cheat sheet
BONUS 1 - How to give great interviews

This is where it gets exciting. You’ve sent out your story and now the press may want to talk to you.  In this bonus module, we cover how to give awesome interviews so that you nail it. By the end of it, you’ll feel confident and well prepared to handle any interview.

It covers:

  • When you get interviewed
  • Types of interviews
  • What reporters want
  • Soundbites
  • Delivering the goods & bridging techniques
  • Housekeeping
  • Hostile interviews

What it includes:

  • An interview cheat sheet with handy interview prep guide
BONUS 2 - Maximising and measuring your publicity

Getting the publicity is just step one. There is so much more you can do with it to really boost your credibility and profile. We’ll cover what and how in this module, plus how to measure your results. By the end of it, you’ll have a game plan of what to do with your shiny new press coverage.

It covers:

  • Celebrating it
  • Sharing it
  • Storing it
  • Tracking it

It includes:

  • Maximise your PR checklist sheet
BONUS 3 - Creating an ongoing programme of PR activity

You will now have your first piece of publicity. But that is just the start. For PR to be most effective, you need to do it consistently. This module pulls the entire course together by combining all the work you’ve done into one beautiful PR plan that you can use for all your communications including social media, newsletters, blogs and PR! By the end of this module you will be armed and ready to take on the world!

It covers:

  • Whether you really need a plan
  • How to pull everything you’ve done into a strategic plan – a step by step walk through
  • How to blend other marketing tools into your promotional activity calendar
  • Keeping toasty

It includes:

  • A plan template with instructions on how to complete it

Smokin' hot bonuses!

  • #1
    The Campfire - private Facebook group

    I’ve created a virtual campfire for you to sit around. In this private Facebook group, you can:

    • ask questions
    • get press updates
    • find press opportunities
    • team up with others to create a stronger news story
    • brainstorm ideas
    • ask for feedback
    • share your PR success


    This is your space to ask questions and get advice and support. It’s like a having a private PR expert on hand if you’re ever stuck. How fab is that?

  • #2
    Free starter press lists - for US and UK media

    The whole point of this course is to get you focused and creating a very specific media list. But it can be useful to have a starting point to work from. As a bonus for this course, you will get two press lists:

    1. USA – over 2000 contacts for US media newspapers and magazines.
    2. UK – almost 500 contacts for UK national and regional papers, magazines, radio and online


    These lists will save you time searching for contact numbers or emails as you develop a press list of your own.

  • #3
    The Little Yellow Book of Contacts

    Get all the PR insider secrets in this one handy guide – with useful sites, cheats and contacts.

    • Want to know how to get celebrities contact details?
    • Or what major events are coming up?
    • Or where to find press requests?

    I’ve compiled all the useful sites I can think of into one brilliant guide.

  • #4
    NEW! Quick Start PR Mini Masterclass

    The aim of this course is to help you get press coverage on an ongoing basis. But if you’re short on time and want to get instant results, this 75-minute PR masterclass will show you:

    • where to look for daily press opportunities
    • how to respond to maximise your chances of success
    • real life examples of how to do this

Who is this course for?

You work on your own, in a small team, as a virtual assistant or marketing manager.
You sell products or services.
Your customers are in the B2B or B2C space.
You have a business or are about to launch.
You may be super confident or a complete introvert.
Whoever you are, this course is for you if you want to get publicity but don't know how to do it.

SOLOPRENEUR - you are an awesome team of one. You are the business. All the more reason to get it out there.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANT - Get your clients publicity, add another string to your bow & earn more money.

ATTENTION SEEKER - you want the world to know your story and you're so ready to get out there and tell it.

INCREDIBLE INTROVERT - you may shy away from attention, but your incredible business needs a bit of limelight.

This course is the spark you need to make your business catch fire.

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How do I get started?

As soon as you purchase you get a unique username and password where you can access the entire course.  All modules are digital and downloadable. Your bonuses have been pre-loaded for you.

The content is multimedia – with videos, downloadable slides, worksheets and templates, all easily accessible within the course.

Can I afford it?

Pricing is below. But ask yourself this? What would you pay for a single advert in a national publication? We’re talking at least a five-figure sum.  What would you pay a PR company? At least £1000 a month.

And then think of the sales a single piece of coverage could bring you. Just getting just one well placed article or mention could results in sales that more than cover the cost of this course.

30 day guarantee (but you won't need it)

I want you to love this course and get results. But if you work through it, can show that you have completed the work and you’re still not satisfied, I will give you a full refund if made within 30 days of purchase.


Got a question?

Why is PR important?

Bill Gates once said that if he was down to his last dollar, he’d spend it on public relations. Why? Because PR gives you something none of the marketing tools can:


When someone else writes about your business or runs your article, it gives you a third party endorsement. But here are a few other reasons PR works:

  • It gets you in front of a far broader audience
  • It brings in new leads, sales and opportunities
  • It positions you as an authority, which means you can increase your prices as people believe you are worth more
  • It builds trust and respect
  • It helps build your brand
  • It’s free
I'm just starting up my business. Is this for me?

Yes absolutely. The PR you do around the launch of a new business is often the best PR you can get. So it’s a great way to get your communications plan set up and your business publicised right from day 1.

I work on my own. Do I really have something the press will be interested in?

Yes. Even if you don’t, this course will show you how to create news. But frankly, if you have any knowledge, opinions or experience, you’ve got something to work with.

I am a VA. Is PR something I could offer to my clients and will this course help?

Absolutely. Lots of people outsource PR because they don’t have the time to do it themselves. If you can offer this as a service to your clients, it’s a great way to extend your service offering. While doing this course, you can either do it on their behalf or use your own business as the guinea pig. Once you’ve mastered your own PR, offer it to clients.

Will it take a lot of time?

Learning anything takes a bit of time. And like most things, the more effort you put into it, the more you will get out of it. But I have structured the modules so that each lesson lasts no more than 45 minutes (most are more like 25 minutes). Some of the exercises are longer than others. You could complete the entire course in a week if you knuckled down and just did the work. Or you could take on a module a week. It’s up to you. I have tried to make it as time efficient as possible so that the work you do in each module can be saved for the final plan at the end.

I hate putting myself out there/am an introvert/shy. Is this for me?

PR isn’t like standing on a stage in front of a room full of people. Much of it you can do via email one-on-one. I give tips and advice in module one on overcoming any confidence fears you may have.

Will I get results?

Unlike paid advertising where you are paying a hefty fee to have your ad featured, PR is free. Anyone who GUARANTEES press coverage is lying because the decision to feature a company lies with the editor (sometimes the layout sub-editor!) and many other variables which come into play.  Which is why when you get results, they bring so much credibility. That said, if you follow the course materials you have as good a chance of getting results as any PR company out there.

Why are you qualified to teach this course?

I have a 3 year National Diploma in Public Relations, a 3 year National Diploma in Marketing and a Small Business Management diploma. I’ve worked in PR for 20 years in South Africa, the USA and UK. I ran my own PR company for five years working with start ups and solopreneurs, before selling it. While running the company, I won multiple awards including Best Low Budget Award from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations for a client campaign (in which a single piece of press coverage earned her £17k in sales). I’ve been featured in books like Kitchen Table Tycoon and Mum Ultrapreneur.

I’ve generated hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of press coverage over this time across a huge range of titles. Since launching Campfire Communications in late 2014, I’ve personally been featured in The Guardian, The Telegraph, Yorkshire Post, York Press, Talented Ladies Club, She Owns It, WorkingMums and Vale Radio – using the exact same process I outline in this course.

I'm not in the UK. Is this course relevant to me?

Yes absolutely. I’ve done PR in South Africa, the USA and the UK and the PR principles are exactly the same. Some of the tools given may be slightly UK-centric but I’ve tried to give examples from other countries too.


Lifetime membership
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Immediate lifetime access to course content

Immediate access to all worksheets, templates and downloads

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'Melissa helped me write a press release and showed me who to reach out to and how to do it. From this I've had a centre spread in the newspaper, been contacted by various local radio stations for interviews and a national magazine would like to run my story. The momentum that Melissa has helped me create for my business launch has been amazing.'

'Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that my first ever press release, about my new gay wedding cake range, has been published by a cake magazine called Cakes and Sugarcraft and also by The Gazette. It only came out in The Gazette today (online), and I have now been approached by BBC 3 Counties Radio for an interview!!! So I am living proof that your course works wonders!'

'I’m an Excel expert, not a marketer, so I asked Melissa to write a press release for my new business. She also advised where I could send it and how to work with the press. After I sent it out, it got picked up in two of my local newspapers plus a national trade magazine. The coverage resulted in me securing two clients with business worth €40k!’


Lifetime membership
One payment, instant access

Immediate lifetime access to course content

Immediate access to all worksheets, templates and downloads

Lifetime access to private Facebook group (granted within 24 hours)